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15 001

Professional soccer goal 7,32x2,44 m,
reinforced aluminium oval profile 120x100 mm.
with ground sockets and free-hanging net supports.
Colour: white. Set includes 2 goal frames, 4 net supports, 8 ground sockets.

15 002

Training soccer goal 7,32 x 2,44m Norm of FIFA
Aluminum, oval reinforced profile 100 x 120mm.
Goal depth up/base 120/150cm
Foldable hoops enable easy transport
Set include assemble elements to the ground and PP snapsto fasten net.
Colour: silver. 

15 003

Freestanding junior soccer goals 5,00x2,00 m.
Reinforced aluminium profile.
Available profile diameter: 120x100 mm (oval) and 80x80 mm (square).
We can offer you different kinds of net
supports for different goal depths.

15 003/T

Junior soccer goal 5,00 x 2,00m Norm of FIFA.
Mounted in ground sockets. Reinforced, oval, aluminum profile.
Available profile dimeter:
100 x 120mm (oval) depth up/base 100/120cm or 120/150cm.
Foldable hoops. Set include ground sockets and PP snaps to fasten net.
Suit to be used for outdoor.Colour - silver.

10 014

Zinc coated steel-grating target board. (105 x 180 cm).

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