Latvijas Reitingi

Company STARKOM is the official representative of the holding company "Laeder Engineering" in the Baltics and since 2006 has been delivering and installing plastic seats and similar equipment at various facilities. Borders and long distances are no obstacle for us ֠we deliver the equipment to any place within the Baltic states.
Recently we have significantly expanded our field of activity. To date we offer the following services:

  • Delivery of the plastic seats and chairs for stadiums, skating rinks, sporting facilities, race tracks, swimming pools.
  • Delivery of the semisoft chairs for sporting and cultural facilities.
  • Installment and assemblage of seats and chairs.
  • Delivery of the chairs for theatres and cinemas, business facilities, auditoriums, waiting halls at the stations and airports, entrance halls and lobbies.
  • Delivery of the various stands: stationary, convertible, collapsible, telescopic.
  • Assembling the stands at the customer facilities.

STARKOM guarantees to our customers the most comfortable and safest conditions when using our equipment. Spectators as well as organizers of the events wonӴ be disappointed.
In the process of manufacturing and installing plastic seats, chairs, stands and other equipment we strictly adhere to the customerӳ demands as well as the international standards. Our production is designed taking into account the current trends in sporting industry and the international market    demands. Interest of the EU customers is a testimony to this. Our productsҠdesign and functional quality fully comply with the international requirements.  

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